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Before submitting a job, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section to be sure that your file adheres to the proper guidelines. By following the guidelines we've outlined, you will be ensuring the quickest turnaround and maximum quality of your printed piece. Once you are sure that your file is ready for print, please attach your files using the following link submit@rgmedia.net and submit your print file. Please be sure to be as specific as possible with instructions concerning your job. Make sure to calculate all fees that may apply to your specific job including shipping and all other charges.

Please keep in mind turnaround time when submitting a job. Our 24 hour policy is "In by 8pm EST, job ready for pick-up by 8pm EST of the following business day Monday-Saturday". If your job requires shipping, please allow an additional 24 hours to process shipping. If you do not follow the file guidelines outlined in our
FAQ time delays will occur. Factors such as mechanical breakdowns and shipping company errors are out of our control. We are not responsible for any costs associated with shipping, distribution or printing that may result from any delay with your order. Should anything out of our control occur, we promise to do everything that is humanly possible to get your order to you as fast as we can.

If you have any technical or industry related questions about offset printing, or do not understand a term used at any step in the production process, please see our
Glossary of Printing Terms and Resource listing before asking us any questions.

If you have any questions regarding proper sizing, color mode, resolution and live area, please download the appropriate file from our Flyer Templates.

Please contact info@rgmedia.net if you have any further questions regarding your order.
*Please DO NOT submit any files to info@rgmedia.net, this address is for questions only.

In order to submit your job, you will require the following:

1. Billing information which accurately matches your credit card number.
2. The production specifications for your order. (Size, quantity, etc.)
3. Your contact and shipping information. (We cannot ship to a Post Office Box)
4. Your print ready file. (Read our FAQ for more information)

I understand that if my job is color critical, I must purchase a Matchprint© to guarantee precise color and that the use of a Matchprint© will delay my job a minimum of 72 hours.

I undertsand that my order will be tagged www.rgmedia.net 305.774.1278 in 5pt. type unless I call and speak to a Customer Service Agent and agree to an additional $25 charge.

I have read the FAQ and prepared my file according to the guidelines specified.

Please click on the AGREE button below to submit your job!


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